Monday, 26 July 2010

Do you have a Winning Attitude?

Nothing Positive ever came from a Negative Attitude

In Shaun Belding's book "Win at Work" he identifies 5 common characteristics that people with the winning attitude have:

1. They are positive;

2. they understand themselves and what's important;

3. they believe;

4. they continuously improve;

5. they have passion.

Let's look at No. 1. Are you naturally a positive person? Or do you find that you often speak about yourself in a negative way "I'm not as good as so in so at that", I'll never be able to do that" actually we often speak to ourselves in a way that we would never dream of speaking to our friends and colleagues.

For the next few days, why not be more aware of the way you speak to yourself, and when you find yourself doing it negatively, stop and reframe the statement into something positive for example when you find yourself saying "I'll never be able to do that" change it into "With some research and guidance I will become much better at ..."

Another thing I encourage my clients to do, is keep a 'Praise Diary' we often miss compliments from others or brush them aside, because we are embarrassed, but they are there and we should acknowledge them. So if you start to listen for those compliments and at the end of the day, jot them down in your praise diary, you can look back over them at intervals and this will help instil positive feelings about ourselves and our achievements.

If you need help with your positivity and cultivating your winning attitude please contact:
Nicholl Consultancy, and we would be delighted to help.

I look forward to exploring "understanding ourselves better and what is really important" next time. Have a really positive week.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I have a brightly coloured post-it note attached to my computer and it says "Never mistake motion for action" however, even though it is right in front of me, unless I am very disciplined, that is exactly what I do. I can find whole days just disappear before my eyes and I haven't even begun to do what is on my list but I have been really busy doing ...... nothing that is remotely important. Am I the only one?

So what I do now is, before I go to sleep, I decide what I really must achieve the next day, and I am very realistic about this, there is no point in overloading myself, and then the next morning, I go straight into my home office and get going, without even going downstairs and making a cup of tea. Because I use that 'cup of tea' as my treat, once I have got going and done about 30 minutes work towards what I must really achieve that day, I reward myself with a cup of tea. Once I have got going, I find that I can keep going, especially when I start to see results. Try it, it might work for you too.

But if you feel you need support with this, please get in touch with me at Nicholl Consultancy

Monday, 19 July 2010

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