Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Quality 4 of a Great Leader

Change is not a destination,
just as hope is not a strategy.
(Rudy Giuliani)

Let's now examine the fourth quality required by a great leader, as extracted from an article by Business Link.

Quality 4 - A great leader ensures the vision connects with Business Strategy and Operations.

Firstly, let's clarify what we mean by strategy - this is a master plan for achieving a major goal and operations are an organised action involving a number of people to deliver the strategy.

Senior management in any company need to have regular, probably monthly, meetings that focus only on strategy. While it is important to discuss short-term operational issues, strategy meetings should occur separately. In that way, each meeting has its own frequency, agenda, information system and participation.

If at all possible it would be advisable to have an administrator or "Strategy Officer" to coordinate these strategy meetings. They would not create strategy or operational tactics and have no authority or accountability for its execution. However, they would schedule the meetings, ensure the appropriate people show up at the meetings, they would attend and take notes at the meetings to ensure that the actions decided upon are carried out with the ultimate aim of coordinating strategy execution.

Strong leadership is both necessary and sufficient for successful strategy execution. No organisation can successfully execute strategy without proactive leadership overseeing its implementation.

Build on strong leadership with a systematic approach

Quality management systems could further support strategy execution. Set up systems which define and develop business processes and activities in order to meet the strategic objectives. Ensure that key processes and activities are effective and efficient, and that responsibilities for managing, evaluating and improving processes are clear. The involvement of people, ensure that employees understand their individual roles, and how they contribute to the strategy and ensure constraints such as skills gaps are plugged through development, training and knowledge sharing.

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Until next time - be a successful leader!


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